Corporate financial planning

The value of investments can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested.


Corporate financial planning provides small and medium size businesses with a comprehensive planning service designed to meet the distinct and changing needs of you and your business.


·     Corporate Financial Planning Review and Advice

·     Directors Pensions and Small Self Administered Schemes

·     Shareholder Protection and Keyman Insurance

·     Business Insurance


Keyperson Insurance

People are business assets and the loss of a key person, or a business owner, can have a devastating effect on the business in respect it could cause a financial strain and result in a loss of profits.

Key person insurance helps to meet the financial consequences arising on the death or incapacity of a key person. A life Insurance policy for an agreed sum is set up which is paid into the business on the death of the key person.


Partnership/Director Share Purchase

In the event of the death of a Partner or Co-Director then the remaining co-owners will have to fund the purchase of their share of the business from their estate. If there is no provision for this then the effects on a business can be devastating both for the business itself and the family members of the deceased. Indeed you could end up with a sizable share of the business owned by a family member who has no interest or ability to run the company, or who might even sell to someone else (possibly a competitor).

Partnership or Director Insurance provides a life insurance policy for an agreed sum which should be sufficient to purchase that share of the business.


Death in Service (Life Assurance) – Relevant Life Insurance

This can provide the dependents of an employee who has died with both a cash lump sum normally up to 4 times the employee salary as a lump sum death benefit.


Company Pension Plans

Providing for retirement is an essential requirement of any business person. Paying into a pension scheme for your employees is recognised as improving staff retention.
There are an array of pension schemes you can invest in including Group Stakeholder or Personal Pension Plans or the New NEST (National Employment Savings Trust).

Pure Financial Advice can guide you through all the pension options.


Group Permanent Health Insurance (Income Protection)

In event of illness or accident a Group Permanent Health Insurance plan can provide an income for the employee while protecting the company’s cash flow. A group Income Protection scheme can provide a regular income. When added to an employee’s State Benefit entitlement it can help to replace the salary lost as a result of the employee being too ill or disabled to work.


Group Private Medical Insurance Scheme

A Group Private Medical Insurance scheme can offer valuable benefits to your employees,. Rather than waiting for NHS treatments. Often Dental cover can be included as an additional benefit.

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